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Located in Southern California, Ed Shepherd has established a worldwide recognized name breeding American Bullies since 2001. Ed is the Original Gottyline, owner of Champion Gottyline's 21 BlackJack, the first dog registered with UKC as Gottyline and the winningest dog in Gottyline history. Ed is also the breeder and owner of Grand Champion DAX - the most sought after American Bully in the world. DAX is the ideal extreme pocket American Bully.
If you are looking for an exceptional Bully in every way, there is none better than the new DaxLine of American Bullies. If you want the best, come to the Source! Ed Shepherd's new DaxLine, from the creator of the Original Gottyline.   • Read More . . .

DAX-Line Males, Ed Shepherd American Bullies

Grand Champion DAX
The most sought after American Bully in the world!

Sire: Gottyline's Romeo / Dam: Gottyline's Barbee

DAX is the ideal extreme pocket American Bully. Due to DAX's popularity as a stud and and ability as a producer of quality Bullies, he has already had a huge impact changing the image of the American Bully. There has never been an American Bully like DAX.

DAX is Available at Stud.
Be a part of the the DAXLINE!

DaxLine Primo
Grandson of World Famous Gr Ch DAX!

Sire: Mr Miagi / Dam: Lulu (Dax Daughter)

PRIMO is our newest stud dog. His sire is Mr. Miagi and his dame is Lulu, a DAX daughter.

Primo is Available at Stud.

Gottyline's Romeo
Sire of World Famous Gr Ch DAX!

Sire: Gottyline's Black Ace / Dam: Gottyline's Godzukee
Co-owned with WestCoast Gottiline

Gottyline's Romeo, produced and owned by Ed Shepherd, is co-owned with my friend Roger Toma. Romeo has proven himself to be one of the top producing studs in the game. Check out his production of famous dogs on his page.

Romeo is Available at Stud.

Champion Gottyline's Ichiban #1
Half-Brother to World Famous Gr Ch DAX!

Sire: Mikeland's Kracker / Dam: Gottyline's Barbee

Ichiban is Available at Stud.

DaxLine Bullcity Atlas
Son of World Famous Gr Ch DAX!

Sire: Gr Ch DAX / Dam: Mikeland's Barracuda

Atlas is Available at Stud.

Champion Gottyline's 21 BlackJack
The winningest dog in Gottyline history!

Sire:PR Colden's Blue Rhino / Dam: PR Caliblue's Felony

Champion Gottyline's 21 BlackJack, RIP, the original foundation stud of Ed Shepherd American Bullies. The first dog registered with UKC as Gottyline, the first Gottyline dog to become a Champion. A great representative of Gottyline. 25 inch head, 17 inches at the withers, 102 lbs and a fabulous temperament. 21 BlackJack blood runs strong throughout every dog in my kennel.

21 BlackJack is Available at Stud.
BlackJack is famous for producing puppies that look like himself.

DaxLine HeadMaster


DAX Black Tri male, open for public stud service
(Grand Champion DAX x  Daxline Gucci)


NOTICE: 8/28/2013
As of August 28, 2013 stud credits to any/all of my studs are no longer tranferable.

NOTICE: 7/1/2013
Henceforth if your biitch has less than 3 pups I will give you one repeat breeding at no charge. This repeat breeding is not transferable.

DAX, Available at Stud!

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